A Pro-Life Champion

Rebecca Peck, MD, CCD Certified Marquette NFP Instructor

Rebecca Peck, MD, CCD
Certified Marquette NFP Instructor

Meet Dr. Rebecca Peck, a pro-life physician in Ormond Beach, FL who is in a family practice with her husband, Dr. Benjamin Peck.

Dr. Peck who admits that she was conceived from a rape is grateful to her mother for giving her life. She has over time developed a strong sense of how precious life is and the need to protect it. You can see her  testimony on Pro-Life is Pro-Love.

Dr. Peck is an example of someone who believes that life is precious and that fertility is a gift from God. She and her husband have 6 children and she practices what she preaches. She is an NFP instructor in the Marquette Method and has an NFP-only practice. She has an Instructional Video on the Marquette Method of NFP. Her patients know that she does not prescribe artificial contraception because of her religious conviction and because it is bad medicine to prescribe Class I carcinogens to thwart one’s God-given fertility.

Dr. Peck speaks out at pro-life rallies and whenever the occasion presents itself to defend life. One of her talks is at Stand Up For Religious Freedom Rally. Besides speaking out at rallies about pro-life issues, Dr. Peck has also written articles that have been published on forums and in peer-reviewed journals.

Some of Dr. Peck’s publications include:

Dr Peck doesn’t prescribe Class I carcinogens when there are several natural, efficacious methods of monitoring one’s fertility, which are completely safe, without harmful side effects, and which are in accordance with the Catholic faith.

Thanks Dr. Rebecca Peck for your beautiful witness and commitment to life!

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John T Littell MD

John T Littell MD

John Thomas Littell, MD, is a board-certified family physician. After earning his MD from George Washington University, he served in the US Army, receiving the Meritorious Service Medal for his work in quality improvement, and also served with the National Health Service Corps in Montana. During his eighteen years in Kissimmee, FL, Dr Littell has served on the faculty of the University of Central Florida School of Medicine, President of the County Medical Society, and Chief of Staff at the Florida Hospital. He currently resides with his wife, Kathleen, and family in Ocala, Florida, where he remains very active as a family physician with practices both in Kissimmee and Ocala. (This bio is copied from the back cover of Dr. Littell’s new book.)

An active member of the Catholic Medical Association, Dr. Littell is also very involved in pro-life activities and is a champion in women’s health care. He has recently authored the book, THE HIDDEN TRUTH: Deception in Women’s Health Care. This book is for the health care profession, women, and all who care for women. John Littell Book

Kudos and congrats to Dr. Littell for his outstanding work!


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